User Guide

How to Use Tidy Up Mac Software

In order to implement Tidy Up Software, Download the Tidy Up Mac Mac Software and install it on your system. Now follow the following steps:

Step 1:Search for duplicate items : Shows the list of duplicate items as you launch the application by scanning your system and generates a list of mounted volumes and default folders. It shows up the second window showing the search results

Step 2: Here you can find the list of generated files , then choose one which you want to manage and group items using a basket system. As the “SamartBasket” stored all items and if you built multiple location search then application build up labeled basket for particular search location.

Step 3:In this step , you can use “Smart Basket” that automatically delete all the duplicate and unwanted files . Another step to clean up is the manual method that you can delete each files of your wish.

Step 4:Process the Selected items : Tidy Up Mac Software clear up all the duplicated and useless files from the system automatically thus improve the performance of mac .